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Join us!

We offer a dynamic work environment with offices located in Brazil and Sweden. Our team is made up of talented developers with varied technical backgrounds. We are collaborative, technical and fun.

At Avidity we believe software development is made better when doing it collaboratively so expect a lot of pair programming and peer reviews.

Our benefits

  • Learning sponsorship
    Learning Sponsorship
    Swedish flag Brazilian flag
  • Anywhere office
    Anywhere Office
    Swedish flag Brazilian flag
  • Flexible holidays
    Flexible holidays
    Swedish flag Brazilian flag
  • Health insurance
    Health insurance
    Swedish flag Brazilian flag
  • Career plan
    Career Plan
    Brazilian flag
  • Dental insurance
    Dental insurance
    Brazilian flag
  • Pet friendly
    Pet Friendly
    Brazilian flag
  • Referral bonus
    Referral bonus
    Brazilian flag

Our hiring process

  1. Chat

    On site or remote interview.

    Things we’ll be talking about: your previous professional experience, what makes you happy, who we are, all about the job position you’re applying for.

    This is a two way conversation and we’ll get the opportunity to find out whether we’re a good match.

  2. Test

    You’ll be asked to do a test for skills assessment according to the role you apply.

  3. Review

    On site or remote test review.

    You’ll walk us through your chosen solution for the test. What’s important here is the discussion it will generate.

  4. Decision

    Our hiring process is efficient and fast.

    Once the review is done, you’ll get either an offer to join the team or detailed technical feedback.


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