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We advise your development team in specific areas such as system administration, front-end and back-end development, UX and visual design.

Application Development

We design, develop and deliver software tailored to your company's needs, in an agile way — allowing you to take part in the development.

Integrated Team

Our developers, UX specialists and sysadmins work as a part of your development team. In this way, we can add experience, expertise and production capacity to your team, for a longer or shorter period of time.

Extended Team

Our developers boost your team by delivering new features or clearing a stacked backlog — allowing your team to focus on what is core to your business.

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We work close to your team to understand the requirements and constraints of your product, and to ensure expectations are aligned. This enables collaboration and opportunities for new ideas and solutions to be implemented.

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We deliver our work in small iterations, making it available in a staging environment. With this approach, you can easily track our work from prototype to release candidate.

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We adjust our process to yours, adding our experience in working remotely.

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Slussplan 9
111 30 Stockholm
Brazil + 55 51 98129 0264
Rua Santo Antônio
434 conj. 402
Porto Alegre, RS
Harzer Straße 39
12059 Berlin
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