Appointments On Demand

Avidity is co-developing Apode - a set of services for online appointments. The project makes use of emerging web technologies such as WebRTC and websockets and we are delighted to be a part of it.


Learning Transfer Platform

Avidity has been a core part of the development of Promote since its inception in 2012, and we're proud what we've achieved since then. Promote is a learning platform built for overcoming the challenge of organisational learning transfer. Together with Promote's own dev team, we've built the platform using microservices primarily written in Ruby and utilizing ZeroMQ messaging.


Mobile Notifications

As a part of the Promote project, Avidity Brasil was tasked with developing a mobile application that would allow Promote users to be notified of events in Promote and easily act upon them. We developed native applications for Android and iOS along with a push notification service that also allows users to read their notifications from within their app.