What we do

We're a small international team made up of developers with different technical backgrounds, experiences and industries: finance, big multinational companies, digital agencies, software houses. In London, Stockholm, Porto Alegre.

We know from own experience that there are some software development, closest to the business, that isn’t worth contracting out. The knowledge and understanding that has built up over time in the own organisation is hard to transfer to an external party in a short period of time, and the effort in validating incoming work is time consuming and expensive.

But there are usually other value-adding software, perhaps a reporting tool or a complementing mobile application, that can be developed outside of the core dev team.

By handing this type of work over to Avidity, we can add value to your product while you can focus on your core business goals.

How we work

An efficient development process is core to any successful development process. Avidity’s development team work closely with yours and delivery their work in iterations, making it possible for you to track the work from prototype to release candidate.

This is necessary to ensure our expectations are aligned, and for our developers to contribute not only with time and technical skill, but also with new ideas and solutions.

Avidity’s developers work in pairs, in blocks of a week. This allows us to attain a broader knowledge about your project, have easier access to specialists in our team and better support the project over time.


Our developers are always supported by specialists in the team to solve specific problems or act as additional thought-power in the design of systems or implementations.

The team consists of front-end developers supported by UX specialists and visual designers, and back-end developers supported by systems administrators.

Here’s a sample of the technologies we worked with over the last couple of years

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Flask for Python
  • VueJS and React
  • JavaScript and WebRTC
  • PostgreSQL

Additional services

We can complement development with additional services as required, for example

  • Setup, configure and host environments and tools for Continuous Integration/Delivery
  • Visual application design with UX support
  • Application hosting