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Remote Collaboration

At Avidity, we have always aimed to be completely transparent with our clients and partners. Since starting the office in Brazil, we noticed that there were additional challenges when having distributed teams and maintaining trustworthiness among them. Here are a few principles that we think should be followed when aiming for transparency:

Facilitate communication

Talking about something takes less effort than reading and writing about it. It also helps to avoid any misunderstanding, since the flow of information exchange is much more dynamic and rich. Therefore, you should prefer to have a 15 minutes chat than 30 text messages and 5 e-mails.

The more, the merrier

Whenever you keep relevant information from people, you take the risk of not including someone who can contribute further and, thus, improve the results - even if they're not directly involved. To avoid such pitfall, it’s best to allow everyone to read any relevant information and have the opportunity to contribute. Hence, we recommend that you always publish decisions where everyone can read them.


Within a single project there is usually a lot being done at the same time. Not everyone is involved in the same feature or component, so to facilitate contribution, you should always add the context.

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